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Modern technologies such as computers, satellite television, the Internet and mobile phones can really help enhance a person’s quality of life.

With benefits ranging from communication to help them keep in touch with friends and family, to keeping them up to date with the latest news in their communities and across the country and globe, or watching their favourite movie or TV series.

Technology for easy living

There is also a range of Assistance Technologies such as daily reminders to help you keep your daily routines or take your medication, and home automation technologies such as audible alarms to help keep you safe or alert you to adverse conditions outside. Another common example is ‘Alexa’.

But setting up these various devices and technologies can be a challenge, and oftentimes they will need regular updates, maintenance or servicing to keep them in optimal working order.

Our team of skilled, experienced technicians is on hand to help you with any of your technology needs from guidance on which equipment will suit your needs to initial set-up, installation and programming, and ongoing maintenance as required.

Technology Assistance, Primary Homecare