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In 2019 we decided to introduce Nursebuddy which is a digital care planning and rostering system.

We researched lots of providers and although Nursebuddy was relatively new in this country at the time, they reassured us that they would work with us to give a system that is efficient, confidential and fit for purpose.

What is Nursebuddy?

Nursebuddy is home care software which allows us to manage scheduling and rotas, care plans and more, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Nursebuddy has given us more security and confidentiality. We are sure nobody would want to go back to leaving folders of information in client’s homes. We also wouldn’t want the mountain of paper we used up writing daily notes and records. Nursebuddy comes with an App that clients and their nominated relatives can use to see what is happening in real time. They can check out what carer is visiting and at what time. After the visit they can check carer’s notes and be reassured of their loved ones progress.

Staff also like this system as everything is on a password protected phone. At the click of a button they log in and log out of the visit, their records can easily be stored and shared with appropriate people such as the office staff who monitor these visits.

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