Andrei (Ipswich). Andrei has been working with Primary Homecare since 2016 and is a credit to the Ipswich Team. Andrei always shows that he is caring and friendly with the clients and nothing is ever too much trouble. He is very hardworking and keeps the office up to date with any concerns relating to the clients. We have received so many compliments recently when going out doing care visits and reviews. In fact, every client that Toni has visited in the last couple of weeks has been saying how amazing Andrei is, they have said how they can have a laugh and joke with Andrei, requesting that they have can have him provide care visits regularly to them… Have you got a twin Brother we can recruit? It has been lovely receiving all this positive feedback with making clients smile and it is great having you on the Ipswich Team.


Perla (Felixstowe). Perla has been with the company for over 10 years and is a valuable member of the team. Nothing is too much for Perla, no problem is too big, she deals with it all in a professional but friendly manner each and every time. Perla is always willing to cover extra shifts, even on her days off and at short notice. Sometimes carers are overlooked because they just get on with their job, they don’t moan, don’t complain, and always complete the work to a high standard. Well Perla it’s our time to recognise your hard work and say a massive THANK YOU!


Mia (Ipswich) Mia has only recently joined Primary Homecare and we are so glad that she has. For someone so young, she has such a mature head on her shoulders and works amazing as a team, and also works well on her own. Mia is always helping out with extra shifts and nothing is ever too much trouble. Mia is always very polite and friendly and we have only ever received positive feedback from clients.  Mia is a credit to the Ipswich Team and we are very lucky to have her working for Primary Homecare.

Thank you to all clients and family members who have sent in compliments