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Cookie Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small files that get put on and stored on your computer by websites as you visit them. These cookies can store information which you may consider have privacy implications. This website does not have any cookies of its own, nor will not share any personal information that you input into the forms with third parties, however it does have cookies in it due to having anonymous tracking software and links to social media.

Tracking software

We use Google Analytics  (just like virtually everybody else) and AdWords which are both services provided by Google. They gather anonymous data of how people are using this site and then provide us with visitor statistics such as details of the time you spent on our website, the pages visited, etc. This enables us to see how you have used our website, but not who you are. If you are unhappy with this or anti-Google you can opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics at:

However, this data is helpful to us and indeed all websites, to enable improvements so that we can offer a better website and service.

Social media and other site widgets

There are many widgets available for websites these days but on this website we have just Twitter and Facebook which we understand collect data anonymously. The data collected is generally restricted to details of the pages visited, time on the website, etc. in-other-words, essentially the same data as collected by Google Analytics. These sites will also allow you to share pages on our website.

Don’t want any cookies?

While we’d love to offer a cookie-free version of our website we simply don’t have the resources to provide and maintain one. Unfortunately, if you are really anti-cookie then there is no option except to not use our site.  You can remove any cookies we have already put on your machine within your browser setting.